GDPR Guys: Full GDPR Compliance package

GDPR Guys: Full GDPR Compliance package

Are you a large firm that processes personal data or monitors the activities of EU residents? Are you GDPR Ready?

We provide a full service GDPR Compliance package designed to help you in 5 comprehensive steps to educate your Senior Team, identify your areas of risk, map for data and process flows and ensure you are GDPR Ready and remain compliant.

Our five-step process covers:

  • Aware
    Raising awareness across the organisation of the changes that are coming and creation of the risk register.
  • Analyse
    Documenting What personal data is held; Where that data came from and Who it is shared with.
  • Assemble
    Ranking and prioritising necessary actions according to impact and risk of occurrence
  • Apply
    Creation of the Governance team and management of the implementation of the agreed action plan
  • Appraise
    Creation and implementation of a set of processes for regular assessment of compliance status

The package is tailored and priced to your needs after a no obligation initial consultation

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