Raise awareness across the organisation of the changes that are coming and create the Risk Register


Presentation to the Board covering:

  • GDPR regulations
  • Data Subject Rights under GDPR
  • Cost on Non-Compliance

A series of Workshops on:

  • The framework of policies and procedure
  • The process for monitoring compliance with data protection policies
  • The process for regularly reviewing the effectiveness of data handling / processing activities and security controls



  • Board level understanding of all aspects of GDPR
  • Additions to the Risk Register where necessary
  • An understanding of framework of policies and procedures needed to ensure GDPR compliance
  • An understanding of the process needed for regular review of data handling and processing activities to ensure continued compliance
  • An understanding of the process needed for regular review of security access and controls to ensure privacy and security of personal data
  • A plan and schedule for training of all existing staff
  • An understanding of the updates needed to the induction plan for new staff to assure they are trained on data protection and GDPR.
  • An understanding of the updates required to HR Policies / Company Handbook to ensure all staff are aware of GDPR and agree to comply.


  • We fix price our “Aware” module. We guarantee to generate the agreed outcomes and will continue working with you without additional cost until these outcomes have been achieved.

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